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Empowering Youth for a Brighter Tomorrow.

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About us

We do our best to make a positive impact on today's youth.

Our Address is in Accokeek, Maryland, we focus on youth development, through different youth programs and related activities.
We prepare our next generation to take on responsible roles and make significant contributions to the communities.
We try to unlock this potential, and guide them toward leadership roles, and we help them understand their crucial role in shaping their communities.

Discription of the organisation

Where our mission is to uplift and empower the youth of today, ensuring they step into the future with confidence, leadership skills, and a clear sense of purpose. Our headquarters are situated in the vibrant community of Accokeek, Maryland.

Our mission at Empowerment Enterprises Inc: We aim to instill confidence, leadership, and a strong sense of purpose in the next generation. Through our programs and initiatives, we prepare young individuals to become responsible, compassionate, and contributing members of their communities.


As part of our commitment to our mission, we engage in a variety of activities designed to empower and support the youth:

-Youth Development Programs: Our carefully crafted programs are tailored to nurture leadership skills, foster self-confidence, and provide guidance to the youth.

-Community Engagement: We actively involve our youth in community service and outreach activities, instilling a sense of responsibility and empathy.

-Educational Workshops: Our workshops cover a range of topics, from personal development to career planning, equipping young minds with essential life skills.

-Mentorship: We connect the youth with experienced mentors who offer guidance and support throughout their personal and academic journeys.

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108 Beechdale Ct,
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+1 (206) 647-5042